May 28, 2009

            I haven’t updated for a while, I know. 
            But! I’m not dead. 
            For Memorial Day weekend I (with my cousin and two other girls) went to Connecticut for an Islamic Convention.  I slept over Friday night, we left Saturday morning and came back Monday morning.  We were really excited because it was our first trip without our parents.
            The convention was okay.  We learned a lot about the Global Crisis, Malaria, Relief Funds and everything.  But, we had the most fun in the hotel room!  Staying up late, talking, doing flips, running wild in the hallways, ordering pizza at one in the morning and collapsing at 4am.  This lady came out her room and yelled, “How old are you guys!?”  Good times, good times. 
            Well, that’s why I was MIA and none of you heard anything from me.  But, now I’m back, anxiously waiting for these professors to hop to it and hand in grades and trying to write.  I’m getting closer to my outline.  A while ago I outlined the rest of the story; I’ve just been waiting to get up to that point.  And I’m almost there!  Yay me!!! 
            There’s lots more drama and action.  I know I’m writing this as a Romance…but I’m not too sure how much of a Romance it is.  A Romance is defined as a story that includes a general plotline, but revolves around the developing/ flourishing relationship of the protagonists.  Will and Sophia have a romance (I think…), but I don’t know.  To me it’s more plot driven than romance driven. 
            At this point, there is going to be more Will and Sophia interaction, but this is also where I get more involved in the plot.  So…I don’t know. 

Alas, poor Yorick!

I shall keep trying. 


3 thoughts on “May 28, 2009

  1. I was reading a forum once on Authonomy and this one experienced romance writer wrote (but it got deleted after she terminated her account) that in order to sell a book as a romance genre, about 80-90 (she gave me a specific number which I forget) percent of the plotline has to revolve around the development of the two protagonists. So, since you’re concerned that yours is not romance-driven, you might want to consider this when revising if you do plan on trying to publish WW as a romance. It seems fine to me, but I guess you know better. Oh, and you also mentioned before that you won’t have sex in your book. I was really concerned about not having it in mine as EVERY genre romance has it. So I brought my concern forth on this forum and got some pretty interesting answers:

    But despite what a lot of the romance writers in here say, I’m going to keep my book clean of it. It’s about time the romance industry had some genre-benders!!!

    • Yeah, in my head it seems fine..there IS a romance between them, but I think it’s the sex thing that bothering me.

      Right now, the industry makes it seem like in order to be published as a has to include sex. But, I don’t want to lol and I can’t really write about something I haven’t really experienced. Plus, in the video you posted on you blog before, one of the people speaking said she believes those scenes can end at the door…which is what I’d do if I even got to that point.

      There’s tension between Will and Sophia..but not so much that they’re going to explode if they don’t rip each others clothes off right this second. Lol, although other people might think differently.

      I read the thread…a lot of them see to be pro-sex scene o.O

      Lol, we can be the “odd ones”

      • Quite right. We will be the odds ones and start a revolution. What d’ya say? haha. As entertaining as it is to read about sex scenes in books, It’s getting a bit redundant. They all read the same to me. I’ll respect the first writer (so far there has only been Ms Austen and Ms Bronte) who is able to write a very very good love story without sex. I think for a real love story, it’s better to keep it personal. Well, that’s just my opinion. I’m sure the thousands of romance readers would debate against me on this haha

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