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Published: January 18, 2013 (Boroughs Publishing Group)

Synopsis: At thirteen, Lady Catherine James fell out of a tree and into Colin Barringer’s heart. Now six years later, he’s determined to secure her hand in marriage, but will a childhood tragedy keep them apart?


Colin Barringer tried to convince himself he hated Lady Catherine James. Not with a minimal aversion or a smidgen of dislike. He needed an all-consuming hatred.

For some godforsaken reason, Colin, the newly minted Viscount Mannes sat in a darkened carriage as it rattled its way deeper into the country. He didn’t have to look outside to know he drew near the Trewin estate, the James family seat. The slight prickle at the back of his neck, the sweat beading on his upper lip and below his sideburns told him he was close.

Closer to her.

Colin groaned and scrubbed a hand over his face and wondered what had possessed him to accept the invitation to return for another summer. And after what had happened to Matt, what had possessed the James family to issue an invitation?

If only he truly hated Catherine. It would make his summer bearable. But any fool could probably see that he was in love with her. Her brother Matthew knew, even if he didn’t talk about it. It was because of that Colin had put this visit off for so long. It was bloody awkward to be lost in thought, conjuring inventive ways to defile Matthew’s little sister. Out of respect for Matt he tried to bury his feelings.

But, it was damned difficult.


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“A delightful tale from Priscilla Shay about friendship and trust.” 4 stars – Gwyn Weyant, author of GREASE STAINS & LOVE SONGS

“So this is a very short, easy and quick read but very adorable” – 4 stars – Angie S-J @ TwinsieTalk

“This is a wonderful story of love growing up and what it means to become an independent, fierce woman with the ability to speak her mind against the social mores that threatened Cat’s happiness.” – The Author’s Journal

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